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Farm safety and security

Monitor calving shed remotely from any pc or mobile device with internet connection

Take "snapshot" and email to anyone

Wireless bridges provide a reliable and affordable solution to installing cameras and other equipment long distances from the office or home. 

Dairy and Farm CCTV security systems

Being a farmer is hard enough without having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to check on the livestock. Thankfully MooVision can now make a farmers life a little easier.

MooVision is a sophisticated yet simple to use CCTV surveillance package specially designed for the farm, enabling the farmer to check on cattle by mobile telephone, tablet, PC or laptop. In fact you can check on your cattle from anywhere in the world.

Using professional CCTV equipment, each system is specifically designed for each farm. This ensures that the best possible system and configuration is used.

Unlike DIY kits, our designs ensure that the system gives the farmer the coverage and image quality he or she needs. For example, having a few cameras in a calving shed may not show enough detail. Worse still, cows sometimes have a tendency to roll when asleep and crush their new born calfs. If a camera is on the wrong side of the cow, the farmer may not notice this. Understanding these and other issues faced on we take a more appropriate approach. This may include using high mounted Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras with infrared night vision or a number of static cameras.

How Does MooVision Work?

Customers are often concerned about the distance of there dairy or other facility to be monitored from their home. This is not a problem. 4C Surveillance Systems can use a wide range of products to get the camera images to where you want them. This may include long range radio and microwave links, to the use of the National Broadband Network or even mobile broadband. Using broadband also has other advantages including allowing authorised employees to monitor from their homes too.

High resolution cameras ensure that farmers get the detailed image they need. This is especially important during times such as calfing. These cameras can be either the static type or Pan, Tilt and Zoom. PTZ cameras have the benefit of enabling the user to direct the camera to exactly where they want to view and zoom in for a closer look.

Viewing of area at night is not a problem. With superior smart infrared technology, the operator can monitor objects over 100m away even in total darkness!

For areas that are a security concern, sophisticated video motion detection is available. This enable specific areas to be monitored for movement. For example, someone coming through a door would trigger an alarm and send a message to the farmers mobile phone.

Monitoring requires nothing more than your mobile phone or tablet. You can also use a PC or laptop. Yes, you can even operate you PTZ cameras and playback recorded video on your phone from the comfort of your ute!

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera

  • 10x optical zoom

  • High Resolution 650TVL

  • IP66, impervious to water and dust

  • 256 programable pre-set positions

  • Low light level 0.03Lux

  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range

  • Automatic White Balance

  • Back Light Compensation

Infrared Bullet Camera

  • 2.8 - 12mm varifocal zoom lens

  • 40m Infrared night vision in total darkness

  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range

  • Automatic White Balance

  • Back Light Compensation

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