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CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems are one of the most effective deterents to theft including break-ins, shoplifting, vandalism and even acts of violence.

New High Definition technologies provide exceptional image clarity and capabilities, not only in providing evidence of criminal activities, but can also be invaluable in the management of OHS.

At 4C Surveillance Systems we can design and install a professional CCTV system that is tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our wide range of professional CCTV cameras and recording equipment can operate effectively even in total darkness using infrared technology. We also have cameras which can allow you to cleasly see and identify subjects in "star light" without the need for infrared illumination.

Unlike many older CCTV technologies, today's CCTV systems can provide exceptional clarity of image, even in difficult lighting conditions. And now even basic remote access applications have a host more features including:

  • Live viewing

  • Playback of recorded video

  • Search for activities and incidents

  • Operation of pan, tilt and zoom cameras

  • email and/or SMS messaging of alarms.

Remote access and monitoring of CCTV systems is an important consideration for many customers. Whether you are located in Devoport and you system is in Burnie, Launceston or anywhere else in Tasmania or the the world, you can access all our CCTV remotely from any suitable computer, tablet or mobile phone with suitable internet access.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera are available with magnifications in excess of 30x and infrared illumination with up to 250m range, providing effective 360 degree surveillance of large areas.

Quality of the camera should not limited to image. Resistance to vandalism, water and even dust are serious factors which need be considered.

Smart infrared system ensures clear images even in total darkness.

The importance of using good quality power supplies is essential to a reliable CCTV system.

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