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Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Alarm Monitoring Service

4C Surveillance Systems can provide 24-hour monitoring for all types of alarm systems through our ASIAL rated monitoring center.

Monitoring of your alarm system provides you with an even greater level of security. In the event of an alarm being raised, the monitoring center will immediately respond in accordance with agreed instructions. This includes first reporting to police, security response company, your mobile phone etc.

Ensuring the highest level of security and reliability, we install wireless GPRS communications units into each system that is to be monitored. Using this technology eliminates the risk of telephone lines being cut or other common issues which can adversely affect the reliability of communications.

Our facility can monitor Intruder, Fire, CCTV, Panic, Freezer, Medical, Power Failure, Vaults, Opening and Closing Management, Flood Warning, Access Control, Ambient Temperature, Humidity Level, Machinery monitoring, Controlled Environment Monitoring.

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