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Safe and Secure

Keep your family, home and business safe and security with a professionally installed Intruder alarm system from 4C Surveillance Systems.

A solid security system is key to the success of any business or commercial property. We provide intelligent alarm systems and more importantly, peace of mind to property owners and staff.

And reliability is the key to a good security system. For this reason, we only supply and install products from indutry leaders with a proven record of reliabilty and imunity from false alarms.

Burglar alarm system

Whats in an Intruder Alarm System?

security alarm keypad

Control Panel & Keypads

The control anel is the brains of the alarm system. It processes all the information and determines if an event is a intrusion. It will also include communications for remote monitoring.

Operation of the alarm system is undertaken by using a keypads. These may be a basic numeric keypad or a more inteligent item which allows operators to programe users and functions.

Many systems have multiple keypads.

Passive Infrared Movement detector

Movement Detectors

Essential to the intruder alarm system are the movement detectors.

The most common of these is the Passive Infrared movement detector. It triggers an alarm when a change in background temperature occurs such as when a person passes in front of it. Special technolgy within the detector eliminates false alarms.

Areas more susceptibleto false alams caused by drafts, heaters, and insects etc may also use Dual Technology movement devices. As well as using infrared technology, these devices also include a small microwave detector which works much in the same way as a minture radar. Together they make a are a highly efficient detector.

Glass break detector

Break Glass Detectors

As the name suggests, these devices are designed to detect the breaking of glass. They are often used to protects windows displays within retail shops and jewellers.

Glass break detectors work by detecting the distinct sound or shockwave produced by glass breaking.

Emergency Duress button

Duress or Hold Up Buttons

These may include conventional hold-up button, foot rail, or money clip etc. They may also be wireless and worn on the person, allowing for movement within a given area whilst ensuring the wearer can easily activate an alarm it the need arises.

They are most effective if the alarm system is monitored remotely.

External sounder and strobe

Sounders and Strobes

Alarms will need to attract the attention of people in order to gain assistance or to frighten off offenders. The simplest and often most effective is a good quailty external sounder with a flashing strobe light. 

 These sounders should also have tamper protection in order to prevent unauthorised access to the device.

High power internal sounders and stroble lights may also be used.

Other Alarm Devices

As well as the above, there are many other kinds of detection devices, each with a specific purpose and include outdoor perimeter protection for areas such as outdoor storage facilities, or fire alarm detectors.

Many alarm systems also have electronic access control facilities for the control of doors and gates etc.